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California Girls Music Video

18th July 2010

California Girls Music Video

Katy Perrys new single California Girls here is the offical music video. Hope you love it.

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17th April 2010

Twilight new movie Eclipse trailer

We  have seen twilight movies one and two and we can’t wait till number three. With Taylor lautner, Robert  Pattinson,  Kristen Sterwert and more.

Here it is the offical trailer for Eclipse.

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24th February 2010

Justin Bieber One Less Lonley Girl Music Video

Awesome Justin Bieber one less lonely girl music video check it out.

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19th February 2010

Taylor Swift Our Song Music video

I know its old but its a great music video hope you enjoy.

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18th February 2010

Justin Bieber sings “baby” live

Justin has a great natural voice.

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7th February 2010

Taylor Swift at the Grammy Awards

Taylor Swift won four Grammy Awards at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards show that aired on January 31, 2010. Though she won the heart of her fans and Grammys for Best Country Song, Best Country Album and Best Country Vocal Performance, she also won the top honor, Album of the Year.

What she hasn’t won, however, is public approval of her live performance with Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks.

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6th February 2010

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are not dating!

For the record, Justin Bieber is not dating Selena Gomez. In a recent interview with the Wall street Journal, the 15-year-old pop/R&B singer denied the claim saying they’re just pals.

“I think she’s cute, but just a good friend,” he revealed. “I’m just trying to chill right now. Focusing on my career.“ says Justin Bieber.

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6th February 2010

How Justin Bieber became famous

He became famous on YouTube. How? He entered a contest and won 2 place but alot of his family and friends couldn’t be there so he put the videos on YouTube for them to watch and alot of people started watching and commenting and subscribing so his manager contacted him and flew him out to Atlanta to go to a recording studio.They ended up running into usher and Justin said to him” I love you music could I sing for you something ” and usher just said ” come inside little buddy its cold out ” so usher kind of brushed him off cause he meets so many people a day. Then about a week later usher called Justin and had seen his videos and flew him back out to Atlanta and signed him.

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